Magic (09/22/2017)

From the album Word.

Time (Radio Edit) Video (11/07/2016)

Time (Radio Edit) Video

Melodic words from Isola. (10/30/2016)

Melodic words from Isola. Thank you Musically Yours for this review. [...] Et sinon, le nouvel opus ? En live tout comme en studio, c’est frais, une pop exquise dont on se délecte. Bien que le registre pop(/rock) demeure vaste et varié, ISOLA le revisite avec plusieurs nouveautés sonores aux tendances électro, avec des synthés au style des années 80, et parfois même funk/rock comme dans, par exemple, le single « Mission ». Quant aux mélodies, « Mad » restera un coup de cœur car tous les instruments et toutes les voix se marient parfaitement. De plus, elle contient le son qui ouvre et conclut l’album, ce qui donne une dimension particulière à celui-ci, un peu comme un nouveau chapitre. [...]
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Time (Radio Edit) available (10/28/2016)

Time (Radio Edit) available New single from the album Word, here comes Time in a different and very catchy edit. Mixed by Jean Vanesse and mastered by Pieter De Wagter. Feel free to buy this song on your favorite digital official platform.

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Isola at Bota by bus (09/04/2016)

Isola at Bota by bus We will be in concert on Saturday, October 1 at the Botanique in Brussels to celebrate the release of our second album "Word".

In addition to playing on stage the whole album, we will offer a few surprises! We are eager to present the fruit of our labor!

To celebrate this event with us in the best possible conditions, we give you the opportunity to travel to Brussels by bus from Huy!

For people who do not live near the Hutoise region and depending on demand, as will make a second start and a stop at the back, on the way up to the exit of Louvain-La Neuve E411 (exact location yet to be determined based on parking facilities).

We ask you to book your place now by sending an email to address, stating "I participate tp the concert of Isola 01/10/2016" and your full contact details (Name, address, telephone) and the number of tickets ordered.

You will receive an email in return in which you will be asked to pay the sum of 25 euros per person, which includes concert ticket and travel.

Upon receipt of your payment, your tickets will be sent to your home.

Feel free to share this publication with your contacts who may be interested!

Remember to book quickly, the number of places is limited and the concert takes place in 6 weeks! :-)

Departure time of 18h Huy - Back 1:00
Schedule second start (Louvain La Neuve) 6:45 p.m. - 0:30 Back
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Acoustic Mission (07/24/2016)

Acoustic Mission Isola's showcase in Spa.

Mission (05/30/2016)

Mission "Mission" is the second single taken from the forthcoming album of Isola called "Word". Enjoy !

Francofolies (04/26/2016)

Francofolies Isola on the Sabam For Culture stage at Francofolies de Spa. The band will play the 22 july at 13:00. Be there !
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Pure Fm (04/13/2016)

Pure Fm Radical is the music of the new promo tv spot of Pure Fm.

Come back on stage (04/13/2016)

Come back on stage Isola is back on stage with brand new songs which will be on the new album.

Le Dcompte (04/13/2016)

Radical is leading the dcompte of Pure Fm for almost 6 months!

Isola joined anorak supersport (04/10/2016)

Isola joined anorak supersport We are delighted to announce that Isola has signed with our label. Their new album will be released in the fall. Meanwhile, there will be some summer gigs to already present new songs.