Cuts 2008


SOLDOUT are Charlotte and David. They met in 2003 and recorded a demo mixing each others influences. Definitely electro, but deep and sensitive, they signed their music on the belgian label Anorak Supersport and released their first album STOP TALKING in Benelux in 2004. With the support of all press and radios, they started touring and soon became everybody's favourites.
From the crazy kids to the new wave lovers, the nightclubbers, the mudlovers, the nostalgics of EBM, and the return of the eighties dance kings, they all fell for this fresh and sweaty band.

Their album was then released in several european countries, followed by more touring through France, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, UK, and NYC.

They calmed down a little with the release of the acoustic versions of their debut album (exclusively released in belgium) and started writing new songs.

They started looking for a producer, somebody who could understand what they were doing and lift them to another level. They met Jason Boshoff (Basement Jaxx, Shy Child) who loved the demos and was ready to mix the whole album.

Mix-Master-Jason did an incredible job working at strongroom studios (london) and alamo sound (vilvorde) and saved them from the flames of second-album-doubts-and-mistakes.

The album is called CUTS and is calm,agressive, beautiful and dark.