Bio 2011


Labiur is bold, sassy, crazy, sexy, endearing, touching, or a Little bitch, as she sings
so well on her amazing debut album Niveau 1.
Labiur has talent and personality in abundance. This woman, just 165 cm tall, is
fuelled by pure energy. Halfway between hip-hop and electro, she makes plenty of
noise, like an emancipated «sister» from TTC.
Labiur escaped from a video game and she’s a colourful heroine for the 2010s, funny
and sexy. And it’s not just the sounds themselves, suggesting that she excels at Wii,
but equally behind her desk where she mixes this monstrous, perverted and joyous
noise that turns every concert hall into a giant nightclub.
Labiur captures the zeitgeist of a disenchanted generation who aspire to happiness
in all its forms. She claims an immoderate love of TV and Koh-Lanta with the
autobiographical « syndrome du canapé ». We love it when she treats her « belle
journée » with having spewed at the neighbors, we melt at the acid « Catherine » and
we smile at the offseted " un verre de lait. "
We actually see Labiur in all colours and never know quite what to expect – If her
words are nicely trussed to take the first or the twelfth degree. Sly, Labiur leads us
probably by boat. And we like that. Like the twisted « un rêve funky » where the girl
from Verviers loudly claims that "Labiur est funky", and we stand on the table,
answering this funky, funny girl with an ecstatic "Oh yeah".